About Us

Our Mission

To build an inclusive community that enables financial independence for people of all walks of life

About Alpha Libertée


During the pandemic we have seen a heightened emphasis on the global issue that is financial literacy. At the core concept, lack of financial literacy can lead to large amounts of debt and poor financial decisions.

The problem is ever growing with the introduction of new financial products and platforms such as crypto currencies, NFT’s and subreddits that have widened the education gap.

Our solution consists of providing each user with a personalized path to financial freedom.

Our App

Gamified Education

Our App is designed to offer a method of learning that is interesting and digestible to ease the finance learnings curve

Toolkit of Resources

We offer an ever expanding toolkit of resources from options screeners, mortgage calculator, and budgeting tools

News Aggretor & Stock Screener

Keep up to date on all the beraking news and stock details you need to stay on top of the markets


Your very own Personal Assistant

Daisy is your very own assistant and teacher in the comfort of your pocket

Daisy grows with every interaction you make

Daisy’s financial advice grows more accurate as she gets to know you better

Competely Personalized for each and every user

Daisy will offer a completely catered experience for every users financial situation

Our Token

Earn tokens for free by contributing to the App

Get paid when you intereact and learn on the the app and making financial education rewarding

Use your tokens however you wish!

Spend your tokens on the app to further aid your financial education or withdraw your funds

Grow on the Leaderboards as you earn more tokens!

Climb the leaderboard and compete with others as you earn your tokens

Coming Soon to Alpha Libertée

Connect with Industry Professionals

Spend your earned tokens for valuable one on one chats with individuals from around the world

Use Tokens to Schedule Coffee Chats

Sign up to the program as an industry leader to start earnings tokens

Affiliate Program

To learn more about how to partner with or sponsor Alpha Libertée.